Matsuzaka End-of-Auction Contest

5 minutes ago, bidding for Daisuke Matsuzaka’s posting rights officially ended. MLB will forward the amount of the winning bid to Seibu, who has 4 days to decide whether or not to accept it. At that point, the winning team is announced and they can begin to negotiate with Matsuzaka’s agent, Scott Boras.

In the comments, feel free to guess the amount of the winning bid and the team that won. Our predictions after the break:

Winning bid: $27 million
Winning team: New York Yankees

What says you?


13 Responses to “Matsuzaka End-of-Auction Contest”

  1. Kyle C. Says:

    I predicted the same, only because I hope he becomes a Yankee and decided $27 million would be neat as in hoping he leads to championship #27. Still really afraid of the Mets, though.

  2. James Says:

    $22.5 million, Yankees

  3. George Steinbrenner Says:

    The Tampa Bay Devil Rays. $52 million dollars and 1 cent.

  4. Kyle S Says:

    This isn’t E-bay, George…

  5. robinred Says:

    Yankees $24M

  6. Sam M Says:

    $21.7M, Texas Rangers. Someone’s got to go away from the Yankees. I’ll be the first.

  7. RJ Says:

    $26M, Yankees

  8. Vlad Says:

    $35M, Texas Rangers.

    I hope this isn’t going by the “Showcase Showdown” rules.

  9. Rob Base Says:

    Yankees, $22M

  10. Kyle S Says:

    I suppose levski’s vote on the Primer thread counts as the token “$1, Bob!” vote… I’ll paste it in here.

    And yes, prediction: AZ Diamondbacks, 17.5m. 🙂

  11. Dr. Evil Says:

    One billion dollars.

  12. The Ghost, from Primer Says:

    $31.526 million by the Yankees.

  13. Jackdaw Says:

    $14.5 million, Cleveland Indians.

    This is probably wishful thinking on my part, but it is conjecture based on a report from the New Jersey Star-Ledger(down near the bottom of the page) that Seibu supposedly has been disappointed by the bids’ being much lower than expected.

  14. And the Winner is… « Sturgeon General’s Report Says:

    […] A few days ago, this blog took your predictions for who would win the rights to Daisuke Matsuzaka. As ESPN reported tonight, the Red Sox won his rights for a whopping $51.1 million. That means the winner of our contest was… no one! That’s right, no one predicted that the Red Sox would outbid everyone. The closest prediction in terms of dollars goes to “George Steinbrenner“, who “predicted” the Devil Rays would win the auction with a bid of $52,000,000.01. George, I’m not sure if you were serious, but that’s deadly accurate (sort of). […]

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