Matsuzaka Rumors

While we’re all waiting for Seibu to decide whether or not they accept the highest bid forMatsuzaka, let’s engage in a little rumor-mongering.

Wow. Olney, citing “officials monitoring the bidding”, says the Sox “may” have offered between $38 million and $45 million for his rights. That would be higher than every prediction in our contest except those of Steinbrenner and Dr. Evil (no commentary on the seriousness of their predictions).

It’s impossible to not enjoy all the hedging in these rumors-made-stories. In other news, Angelina Jolie “may” leave Brad Pitt to hang out with this author. It’s possible! The rumor the ST has says the Rangers may have offered “close to $30 million.”

Kei Igawa was either posted today or will be posted shortly. Bids should be due next week.


One Response to “Matsuzaka Rumors”

  1. George Steinbrenner Says:

    Those Red Sox are outrageous for throwing so much money on a player like that.

    This is not good for America’s national pasttime when the rich teams can just outspend the small market teams to snatch up all the good players available.

    I am livid with righteous indignation.

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